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We would like to answer this question with a reverberating yes. It is quite possible that your car has been damaged after some mishap or accident on the highway or has just broken down. We will be able to remove your car from there and make sure that you are free of worries. Call Damaged Car Buyer today and get paid and towed same day.

Being the owner of a car renting company, I have to deal with damaged and junk cars almost every day. It was a big problem before, but since I contacted Damaged Car Buyer, they took away all my worries and deal with the problems easily.
My car broke down on a highway and as it was quite old at that point of time, I could not say anything against it. My wife finally got fed up with the car and asked me to do something about it. I called up the people at Damaged Car Buyer and told them about the problem I am facing. They not only provided me with free towing service and removed the car from the highway, they bought it at quite reasonable a price as well.
Marcela Gallego
I have been looking for a company which will take away my junk car and give some money in exchange when I first came across the name of Damaged Car Buyer. They are a company which is renowned, reliable and most importantly offer beneficial deals. I decided to sell my car to them and got a lot more money than I thought possible. The whole process and deal impressed me and I decided to refer them to my friends who also experienced the same results.
Remedios Climaco
After an accident my car got badly damaged and I also suffered from a few injuries. This incident took away my confidence of driving a car and so I decided to depend on public transportation and available cabs instead of buying a new car. At such a time a friend of mine suggested to do something about my old and damaged car. When I told him that I am totally clueless regarding this matter and I do have my doubts regarding the amount of money the car can fetch, he told me about Damaged Car Buyer. The company which deals in such vehicles and I decided to abide by his advice. Now I can say that, I am extremely happy with the decision
Daniel Nelson
You guys are great thank you for your service today I would recommend you guys to everyone I know you guys are honest and very friendly
Diana Lewis
6 months ago- I called Damaged Car Buyer to get my car removed for scrap and I was very satisfied with the service I received today great service and I also got cash for my junk car and free tow. I will be calling them again in the future.
David Osborne
I called Damaged Car Buyer Edmonton on Monday morning I sold them my car they came on time like they said, also paid what I was offered on the phone, and 3 days later the owner called me back and give me the best news ever they found my wedding ring that I lost almost 2 years ago inside the vehicle I was so happy that the owner called me back and said we found something that belongs to you and when I told him what I lost inside the vehicle couple years ago right away he said we found it I can’t believe this company is so honest. Ring was worth over $1000 that they could’ve kept but instead they called me back what a nice company and nice people God bless.
William Giles
Very good service. Thanks for being so fast and coming up on time. You saved me unnecessary storage charges.
Linda Walter

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