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Cash for Junk Cars, Any Condition

Have a damaged car that still runs? How about one that doesn’t? We’ll make you an offer! No matter what repairs or fixes your car might need, we still see the value in it. Give us a call to find out how much your car could be worth! Trust us when we say we’ve seen it all when it comes to used cars. Whether it looks like new or was wrecked cars and declared a “total loss vehicle,” we’ll make you a competitive, risk-free cash offer on your vehicle. We buy them all – cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and even commercial vehicles! We can provide you a great cash offer, call us now!

we always give the best price!

Is my presence required when you are removing the junk car?

This is another question that we keep on facing the most. So, we would like to confirm a simple point regarding this and that is, you need to be present while we are removing your car. For the important and required documents also so you can get your cash for your car.

Can the removal services applicable for highways?

We would like to answer this question with a reverberating yes. It is quite possible that your car has been damaged after some mishap or accident on the highway or has just broken down. We will be able to remove your car from there and make sure that you are free of worries. Call Damaged Car Buyer today and get paid and towed same day.

What will you do with the vehicle after I am selling it to you?

Normally, we recycle all vehicles that we acquire from our clients or sold back at an auction. So, you car will be recycled or simply turned into scrap metal for different usages. In short, the junk which was just covering some space within your property will be used now for different purposes.

When will I receive the money for my car?

We normally pay cash on the spot and tow your vehicle free same day that you call us.

Some more information and facts about us and the service required? Please call us at 780-999-5901 and talk to our representative.


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the most viable solution for your car

There are indeed loads of options available regarding this matter, because more and more companies are feeling interested in dealing with Cash For Cars. Having more than enough options may seem to be interesting from the outset, but the reality is different, because that many options can complicate the situation unnecessarily. So, we would like to point out that, we at Damaged Car Buyer will be the best choice in this context because we pay and tow away free.

What kinds of vehicles do you purchase?

This is one of the commonest and most asked questions we have to deal with every day. It is quite possible as well, as people normally get confused whether the car he or she owns is acceptable by a particular company or not. So, we would like to assure you that, we accept almost every kind of vehicle is almost every kind of condition damaged cars, salvaged cars, wrecked cars, Scrap cars Junk Cars and totaled cars. So, you can actually trust us to accept your car. We also deal with used and new vehicles as well.

How can I get an offer to sell my junk car?

We understand that, this is an area which requires understanding and much addressing at the moment. So, we have decided to make the whole process a lot easier than ever before. It is quite understandable that, we won’t be able to know whether you have a junk car or not. So, contacting us by phone or by email will be the best option to tell us about your junk car, and we pay cash on the spot and tow away free same day.

Do I have to pay any service fee for my junk car?

When you are selling the junk car to us, you can be completely sure about one thing and that is, there won’t be any service fees for the car you have. We do not believe in looting our customers and so do not have any such things like service fee. Moreover, we can assure you of another thing and that is, we tend to give the very best rates for junk cars and free towing service same day.

How fast is your junk car removal service?

If you have already made the deal with us, then there is no need to worry about the removal of the car, because we are well known for our fast and proper services. So, we can assure you that, after making the offer, we will remove the car from your property within a few hours, though certain complications of previous commitments can see that few hours to stretch a bit more, but we would like to assure that, we remove cars as soon as possible to provide you with perfect service and dealing experience.

Free Towing from Anywhere

We Buy Junk Cars, 2002 or Newer

Does your car need repairs that will cost more than it’s worth? Is it just an eye-sore you’re itching to get rid of? We buy cars from model years 2002 and newer. Even if your car is in need of serious repair, we’ll still make you a cash offer.

Don’t risk a fine, stop accruing storage fees at the repair shop and save yourself the price of towing.

Competitive Offer

Don’t let your 2002-2016 damaged or unwanted car sit in your garage collecting rust and losing value.

No Hidden Costs or Fees

We have no hidden fees or additional costs to you, and we’ll remove your unwanted vehicle and give you cash with just one call.

Professional Licensed Reps

One call to 780-999-5901 and you’ll get an instant offer, free towing and peace of mind.

Cash for cars

We at Damaged Car Buyers consider ourselves to be the group which helps you to get rid of your vehicle fast since 1995. Unlike any other companies, ours is a type of company that helps you earn money for the junk car or Unwanted car you are planning to get rid of since a very long time. The damaged, dysfunctional, old car resting on your yard for quite a long time, that you call scrap, junk, useless debris can bring you fortune. The heap of rusty, warped metal pieces you call trash is the possibility of profit to us. If the vehicle has been occupying a large area at your backyard without being of any use for quite a long time, selling it off is possibly the most viable idea. You think of just getting your yard back and remember to give us a call. The customer support executive working for Cash for Cars Edmonton is always happy to assist you in achieving your goal. Your wish is our command. The service providers are always at your beck and call to remove the damaged car from the space you want to be vacant. It is not only your own yard that you get back, but a considerable amount of money for a heap of junk too. To know more about us, please give us a call in this number, 780-999-5901

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